Galliumarsenid basierte faseroptische Temperaturmessgeräte

FT-MINI, Faseroptisches Temperaturmessgerät

The thermometer FT-MINI with fiber optic sensors is ideal for the use in microwave, high frequency, high voltage and magnetic field or aggressive environments where measurement with metal temperature sensors (RTC, TC, capillary,...) is not possible.

The measure principle use the change of the optical properties of a gallium arsenide crystal (GaAs) with the temperature. The FT-MINI contains a light source, an optical analyzer and belonging electronic with 3.3V-TTL-MCU interface.

The “FOTEMP Assistant” software is available to control and monitor FT-MINI via a RS232/TTL converter. The communication protocol is available for own software development on the user attached microcontroller.

Depending on the measurement environment, several sensor designs are available with different ruggisation of the fiber tube and sensor tip (see specific data sheets). Customized sensors can be offered.

The system consisting of device and matched probe can be calibrated to achieve an improved accuracy of less than 0.1 K. On request a back-tracing according ISO 17025 can be offered.