Our customers & success projects for fiber optic temperature measurement

Below please find some of our customers and their use of our fiber optic signal conditioners for temperature measurement.

Medical environment MR:comp GmbH, Germany Fiber optic temperature monitoring in medical implants during their testing in high electromagnetic fields, e.g.MR scanners or in X-Ray systems
Medical environment Philips Medical Systems DMC GmbH, Germany Fiber optic thermometer in medical applications
Medical environment Saxonia BioTec GmbH, Germany Fiber optic sensor for temperature measurement in microwave fields during manufacturing of dialyzers for medical engineering
Microwave applications Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH Fiber optic temperature measurement in microwave ovens for industry and public research area, process development as well as process and temperature monitoring in the area of microwave thermal process engineering
Microwave applications GKN Aerospace, Germany Fiber optic temperature measurement and monitoring during the curing of carbon fiber reinforced aerospace structural components in the microwave oven
Microwave applications Püschner GmbH + Co KG, MicrowavePowerSystems, Germany Monitoring in microwave environments in industrial heating and drying systems for many process applications with Optocons fiber optic probes
Microwave applications Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH, Germany Fiber optic temperature measurement. Heating up of resin packages. Hardening of complex fiber reinforced composite structures. Drying and heating up of products suitable for microwave
Microwave applications Indian Institure of Technology Madras, India Fiber optic temperature measurement inside microwave fields
Wood drying MTB Mikrowellen Technik Bauwerkserhaltung Holzschutz GmbH, Germany Temperature measurement with fiber optic sensors during the restauration of historic wooden beams by heat treatment via microwave horn radiators
Generator and transformer ALSTOM Power Service Ltd., Switzerland Fiber optic probes for temperature control in power generators filled with hydrogen. This application takes place in cooperation with the nuclear power plant Leibstadt
High voltage environments FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V., The Netherlands Fiber optic temperature monitoring in High Voltage- / RF- environment for plasma technology research
Electric motors Gerhard Kurz GmbH, Germany Potential-free temperature measurement in motors and in electronic control systems