Optocon offers a complete range of signal conditioners for fiber optical temperature measurement, fiber optic temperature sensors and probes and fibre optical accessories that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

The method of gallium arsenide based temperature measurement is becoming increasingly important in high electromagnetic interfered environment, in microwave fields and other environments, where measurement with electric temperature sensors is not possible. Optocon’s fiber-optic sensors offer complete immunity to RF and microwave radiation with high temperature operating capability, intrinsic safety, and non-invasive use. The fiber optic probes are also designed to withstand harsh and corrosive environments. Our offered GaAs thermometers can be used with all GaAs-based fiber optic temperature sensors.

An overview about possibilities of fiber optic temperature measurement can be found following this link.

Fiber optic temperature signal conditioners

FOTEMP1-H, fiber optic thermometer

Single-channel handheld for lab, multi-purpose applications


OEMplus will be released soon.


OEM for industrial applications

Insulogix T

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT, fiber optic thermometer

Single-channel OEM Miniature for industrial applications

Fiber optic temperature sensors & probes

TS3, The Flexible

for Microwave and RF environments

Custom mode sensors

for your individual application needs

TS2, The Comprehensive

for generator, bus bar

TS5, The Medical

for animal health applications

TS4, The Durable

for harsh chemical and nuclear conditions

Fiber optic accessories

discontinued products

FOTEMPTrafo, fiber optic thermometer

Eight channel thermometer for transformer monitoring

FOTEMP1-4, fiber optic thermometer

1-4 channel signal conditioner for microwave, lab

TSNANO, The Renewable

for process monitoring