Gallium arsenide based fiber optic temperature signal conditioners

The gallium arsenide (GaAs)-based fiber optic temperature measuring devices (FOTEMP) can be used with all GaAs fiber optic Optocon-temperaturesensors.

All fiber optic thermometer (single-channel to multi-channel thermometer) are ideally suited for temperature measurement in high electromagnetic interfered environment, in microwave fields, laboratories and transformers. The fiber optic thermometers are available with different number of measurement channels, and with different interfaces for communication, thus enabling a real-time data acquisition.

Below please select a device type:

FOTEMP1-H, fiber optic thermometer

Single-channel handheld for lab, multi-purpose applications


OEMplus will be released soon.


OEM for industrial applications

Insulogix T

Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT, fiber optic thermometer

Single-channel OEM Miniature for industrial applications