Gallium arsenide based fiber optic temperature sensors

The fiber optic GaAs temperature sensors  consist of an outer jacket which is made out of teflon, at the sensor tip a GaAs-crystal (gallium arsenide) is attached. The fiber optic temperature probe is completely non-conductive.

Optocon fiber optic temperature sensors offer complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation with high temperature operating capability, intrinsic safety, and non-invasive use. The fiber optic temperature probes are also designed to withstand harsh and corrosive environments.

Depending on the size and coating of the fiber optic temperature sensors they are suitable for various applications, e.g. laboratory, microwave environments, medical environments, wood drying, transformer monitoring and process monitoring. Depending on the application the temperature sensors are also available with spiral wrap or other protection tubes.

All fiber optic temperature sensors have an accuracy of +/-0.2°C with a response time of 2s. This allows accurate and repeatable measurements.

All Optocon fiber optic temperature sensors can be used with our fiber optic temperature signal conditioners.

Please select a sensor type from below:

TS3, The Flexible

for Microwave and RF environments

Custom mode sensors

for your individual application needs

TS2, The Comprehensive

for generator, bus bar

TS5, The Medical

for animal health applications

TS4, The Durable

for harsh chemical and nuclear conditions