Silicon protective wrap

To protect the fiber optic sensor in industrial applications, we offer this specially coated stainless steel with silicone protective sleeve. This is particularly distinguished by its high flexibility, tensile strength, and its transverse compressive strength.

Because of his light and fluid leaks the measurement result is not distorted by external influences. The protective sleeve is composed of a flat wire coil with glass fiber braid and an outer silicone jacket. The outer diameter is barely 5.6 mm. Due to the large temperature range of -60°C to +180°C results in a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • High flexibility
  • High tensile strength
  • Crushresistant
  • Rotationally fixed
  • Light andliquid tight

Technical Specifications

Temperature range -60°C to +180°C for steam sterilization at 134°C
Material Stainless steel, silicone
Color Gray
Bending radius rmin = 20mm
Diameter inside: 3.4 mm; outside: 5.6 mm