The new nano-probes by Optocon AG are robust, ideal for surface measurements and can also be prepared by the customer.

With the NANO-KIT the TSNANO probe tip can be repaired or produced in a few easy steps. All needed tools and materials are included.

Key Features

  • Independent production and repair of the probe tip
  • Mechanically very robust

Scope of supply

1 pc Curing Oven hO130, Oven cap, Oven cap with metal clamp
1 pc Power supply 9 Volt 1,3 A
1 pc Wire stripper
1 pc Timer
1 pc Magnifying glass 4x
1 bottle Isopropanol
10 pc Grinding paper 1000
10 pc Cleaning wipes
1 pc 0,5 ml nano coating Glue
1 pc Material safety data sheet