The basis for successful and long cooperation are teamwork, respect and open communication.

Support for employees development

In order to reach a common goal, it is important for each employee to pursue personal and career oriented goals. A joint success consists of many small individual achievements. Optocon has realized this importance as a central element for success. The basis for individual development is trust, respect, open communication and mutual support. To create a harmonious and ambitious working atmosphere, the expectations of every employee at a professional personnel development and career planning have to be met. This is achieved by annual and individual employee feedback round tables between executive and each employee. The purpose of these interviews is to identify the expectations of the company and the employees and planning the next steps together. The building block consists of continious training efforts, including internal knowledge sharing and participation in external training programs. Optocon AG supports lifelong learning because we focus on the markets requirements and growing competition.

Company pension plan

The day will come when the work will end. This turning point in life of each employee is a very important concern to Optocon. Company pension schemes are an important and established pillar of social security. We support our employees in building pension capital, that can be used when employees reach their retirement age.