Fiber optic temperature solutions for semiconductor industry

The gallium arsenide (GaAs)-based fiber optic temperature measuring devices (FOTEMP) offer ideal conditions for process monitoring during the wafer manufacturing process, thanks to their wide measurement range from -200°C to +300°C and their high accuracy of +/-0.2°C.

The strict demands on purity and security inside the production chambers are minimal requirements to our technology. Total immune for RF and EMI, Optocon fiber optic probes guarantee precise measurement on silicon wafers with a mainenance effort close to zero.

Through total customization with the installation of the measurement system, Optocon technology is flexible to any configuration needs. Our fiber optic temperature sensors can be extended up to several hundred meters without any effect on accuracy or measurement rate of 250ms/channel. 

Recommended products


for microwave, lab

TS2, The Comprehensive

for generator, bus bar

TS3, The Flexible

for Microwave and RF environments

FotempMK-19" Modular

for process monitoring


• Precise, direct temperature measurement
• Complete immunity to RF, EM, MR, and electrical interference