Fiber optic temperature solutions for electric motors

Machines and equipment used in the industry is increasingly pushed to their limits. The size of an engine can in a gain or loss of a contract. On the consumer side a high engine running time is also valued. The failure of a motor and thus the downtime of a production line can cause immense costs.

For the above reasons, fiber optic temperature measurements without external influence (magnetic fields, radio frequencies, microwaves, hazardous areas) that work quickly and easy are so important.

The fiber optic Optocon-signalconditioners for temperature measurement can be used to measure the temperature in the stator winding of a motor or the storage temperature. Our devices are helping to detect temperature changes quickly, to report them and initiate preventive measures and to save costs.

The decisive advantage is the small size of our sensors. Our TS2 temperature sensor and our FOTEMP4, Four-channel signal conditioner are ideal for the winding temperature measurement. Highly suitable are also our TSNano temperature sensors that can be assembled by the user and are mechanically very robust.

Recommended products

FotempMK-19" Modular

for process monitoring

TSNANO, The Renewable

for process monitoring

TS2, The Comprehensive

for generator, bus bar


OEM for industrial applications


• Precise, direct temperature measurement
• Monitoring of the transformer temperature
• Extended engine life