Fiber optic temperature solutions for chemical and petrochemical environments

There are processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry attention should be paid to. This may involve critical and hazardous processes. Our challenge as a supplier of process measurement is to meet the requirements of the different processes and our customers.

Especially for "hazardous installations" the signal conditioners for temperature measurement by Optocon AG are the right choice. Our temperature devices are ideally suited to capture critical temperature developments in the process and, where appropriate, to initiate by alarm-definition countermeasures.

Our probes are intrinsically safe. There are no components in our probes that could create sparks, leading to explosions. Our probes are made of completely non-conductive components (fiber) and can therefore be used in hazardous areas. They can be several 100m in length, so that the evaluation unti can be placed easily outside the hazardous area.

According to our experience, we are used to solving customers questions so that the specific requirements and processes are safer and more efficient.

Recommended products


OEM for industrial applications

TS4, The Durable

for harsh chemical and nuclear conditions


• Precise, direct temperature measurement
• For use in hazardous areas
• Safe and efficient measurements